Concrete Driveway Contractors Chesapeake, Va

Concrete driveways can become uneven due to many different factors: freezing and thawing, soil erosion, animal burrowing and more. By gently lifting, while filling all the voids under the slab, then creating a clean surface by filling in all holes and cracks, our process can provide a long-term solution to most of these problems.

After leveling your concrete driveway, we offer a three-step process for ensuring the longest possible driveway life: wash, seal & caulk.

Most concrete driveway leveling projects are completed in just one day. There is no waiting with leveled concrete – in just about all cases it can be used immediately. With our concrete leveling process, there is no disposal and removal of old concrete, no building permits are needed, the job time is reduced and the costs less over replacement.

No driveway concrete leveling project is too small or too large for us!

Our Services

We offer services for driveways, sidewalks, and patios for Chesapeake / Portsmouth, Va. and surrounding areas including:

  • Concrete driveway installation and replacement utilizing our mastered concrete driveway installation and replacement techniques,
  • Concrete Surface Prep USA
  • extends the life of your concrete driveway by constructing a strong foundations and concrete pad that will resist concrete cracking and concrete repair.
  • Driveway pavers made from concrete, brick, and cobblestone are a stunning addition to any property. We partner with local distributor, Paver Systems, to provide the perfect paver for your home.
  • Driveway resurfacing using concrete overlays to cover existing blemishes that give your driveway a fresh new look you can afford. Although resurfacing a concrete driveway is an option, most driveways will need to be replaced.
  • Driveway crack repair eliminates unsightly cracks in your driveway with concrete driveway replacement and concrete driveway installation. Cracks and crumbling are the result of a damaged concrete slab foundation.
  • Concrete Surface Prep USA
  • recommends driveway replacement as it is a quick and simple way to prevent driveway damage in the future.
  • Concrete patio installation and replacement gives dated, cracked, or deteriorating concrete patios a complete makeover using advanced techniques and equipment to demolish and replace damaged concrete patios. Concrete Surface Prep USA gives you a flawlessly installed patio adding instant value to your home.
  • Sidewalk installation and replacement eradicates years of high traffic wear and tear that affect the sidewalk functionality and appearance such as divots, abrasions, scaling, stains, cracks, and crumbling by replacing and installing a custom sidewalk built to last.
  • Driveway replacement is the process of demolishing, removing, and installing a new concrete driveway in place of an existing concrete driveway. Properly installed, a driveway is made to last up to 25 years.

Concrete Driveway Contractors Chesapeake, Va